Malta Public Transport

What you Pay

Payment for Tallinja Bike is made at the digital screen at the bike station. Customers may follow the simple instructions on the digital touchscreen to log into their Tallinja Bike account or sign up for a new one.

When signing up for an account, new users are asked to enter their personal data and credit card details as prompted by the touchscreen instructions. Returning customers only need to log in and enter their CVV code. Tallinja cardholders benefit from discounts on rental charges.

The following charges apply:

Service rates per (minute) timeframes
First 30 minutes The following 30 minutes Over 60 minutes
Pay per use € 3.00 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
Personalised Tallinja Card € 1.50 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
Explore cards € 1.50 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
All prices include 7% VAT

Price option packages:

Price Option Packages
24 Hours 3 Days Per week Price per minute
Pay per use € 15.00 € 30.00 € 60.00 € 0.13
Personalised Tallinja Card € 10.00 € 20.00 € 40.00 € 0.10
All prices include 7% VAT

‘Pay per use’ account holders

New account holders who do not have a Tallinja Card are charged at ‘Pay per use’ rates.

Personalised Tallinja Card holders

Personalised Tallinja cardholders need to enter their customer number to benefit from cheaper rates. Personalised Tallinja cardholders will be charged from their regular debit/credit card, as per the ‘Personalised Tallinja Card’ rates above.

Discounts with the Explore travel cards

Customers using an Explore or ExplorePlus travel card are entitled to a discount when renting a Tallinja Bike. Simply enter the travel card number and the discount will be applied automatically. The discounted fee is charged directly to the linked debit/card at the end of the journey.