Malta Public Transport

What you Pay

Payments for Tallinja Bike rental can only be made at the Tallinja Bike totem which is found at each of the Tallinja Bike terminals. Signing-up and logging-in can be done through the touch screen displayed on each of the totems.

To sign up for an account, new users need to enter their personal data and credit card details as prompted by the touch screen instructions. Returning customers just need to log in and enter their CVV code. Tallinja card holders benefit from discounts on the rental charges.

The following charges apply:

Service rates per (minute) timeframes
0-30 30-60 60+
Pay per use € 3.00 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
Personalised Tallinja Card € 1.50 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
Explore cards € 1.50 € 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
Valletta card 2 Free individual trips of
30 minutes
€ 2.00 Every additional 30 minutes is €2.00
All prices include 7% VAT

‘Pay per use’ account holders

New account holders who do not have a Tallinja Card will be charged as per ‘Pay per use’ rates. Customers must subscribe to an annual membership of €80 or 3-month membership of €25. As a special launch promotion, customers may rent a bike without paying the membership fee. 

Personalised Tallinja Card holders

Personalised Tallinja Card holders need to enter their customer number in order to benefit from cheaper rates. Personalised Tallinja Card holders will be charged from their debit/credit card, as per the ‘Personalised Tallinja Card’ rates above.

Discounts with the Explore travel cards

If you have purchased an Explore or ExplorePlus travel card, you can also get a discount when renting a Tallinja Bike. Simply enter the travel card number and the discount will be applied. The cost of the rental service will be charged to your debit/card after the rental period has been terminated.

Free Travel and Discounts with the Valletta Card

When using the Valletta card to obtain a discount, two trips of 30 minutes will be granted for free, and Valletta Card rates will then apply for additional trips.

A maximum fee of €30 per day will apply.

A receipt will be available through our website, it will not be issued automatically but clients can ask for it and the receipt will be sent to their email.