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Welcome to Explore Flex!

Discover the convenient way to explore the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo with our flexible bus travel card. With Explore Flex, you have the freedom to travel at your own pace and experience everything these stunning destinations have to offer.

Starting at just €6, your Explore Flex card provides you with credit that can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis for all bus services operated by Malta Public Transport. It's a hassle-free and cost-effective way to navigate the islands and discover their hidden gems.

In addition to the pay-as-you-go rates, we offer a range of value-packed bundles to enhance your travel experience.

The bus-only bundles are mainly two, the 24-hour package at €6 and the 4-day package at €21. Both these packages provide bus public transport on all services provided by Malta Public Transport, including Night Services and Tallinja Direct Services.

If you're eager to explore the island in greater depth, we also provide bus travel packages that combine a range of exciting tourist attractions. Our carefully designed packages make sightseeing more accessible and budget-friendly, ensuring you can delve into the wonders of the island with ease. The packages we offer are:

1. Gozo Standard

This package is perfect for those planning to explore Gozo. It includes 6 days of unlimited travel on all bus routes, including the Tallinja Direct routes. You'll also enjoy a return trip to Gozo from Valletta with the fast ferry, ensuring you can make the most of your visit to this charming island. You’ll save €6 on this package costing €34.

2. Short Stay

For just €45, this package is a deal for customer spending a short stay on our islands. The Short Stay package provides you with 4 days of unlimited travel on the bus, plus, you'll get a day on the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus tour operated by City Sightseeing Malta. It's a fantastic way to see the major attractions and landmarks at your own pace. Save €4 on this deal, and book it through the Tallinja app.

3. Traveller

At €49, and a saving of €4, the Traveller package gives you 7 days of unlimited bus travel to explore both Malta and Gozo. This package also includes a day on the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus tour operated by City Sightseeing Malta, allowing you to discover the islands' rich history and culture.

4. ExplorePlus

Definitely the package offering the most value, and our most comprehensive package, priced at €72, the ExplorePlus offers unbeatable value. With 7 days of unlimited bus travel across both Malta and Gozo, you'll have the freedom to roam wherever your heart desires. This package also includes a day on the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus tour operated by City Sightseeing Malta, a Harbour Cruise operated by iSeeMalta, and a return trip from Valletta to Gozo on the fast ferry Gozo Highspeed. It's the ultimate way to experience everything the islands have to offer. You also save a good €19 when purchasing this package.

No matter which package you choose, Explore Flex guarantees convenience, affordability, and unforgettable adventures. So why wait? Purchase your Explore Flex card today and embark on a journey of discovery through the enchanting landscapes, captivating history, and vibrant culture of Malta and Gozo.

Where can you buy your Explore Flex value packages?

The Explore Flex cards are available from our Sales Outlets inside the Welcomer’s Hall at Malta International Airport, Valletta Terminus, Bugibba Terminus, and our Sliema Sales Office at The Ferries in Sliema, as well as from any of our card-dispensing machines in popular tourist hot-spots, including the airport upon arrival.

After downloading our Tallinja App you may link your Explore Flex card on the same app to gain access to value bundles you can purchase to suit your needs.

Five main steps to enjoy travelling with your Explore Flex card:

  1. Download the Tallinja App from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  2. Register an account
  3. Add your Tallinja Flex card by scanning the QR code or insert the card number shown below the code in the My Cards section;
  4. Top up your card with credit;
  5. Choose from the value packages available that most suits your needs;
  6. Purchase by clicking the “Buy Offer” and paying with your credit on the Explore Flex card. 

You may also purchase value packages from our Sales Offices at the same time you purchase your Explore Flex card.

Explore Flex - Your ticket to an extraordinary island adventure!