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Public survey on mobility needs - 04/03/2021

Saving the environment, one bus ride at a time - 27/01/2021

“As the leading provider of sustainable transport services on the islands, we are happy to collaborate with 89.7 Bay to drive a change in lifestyle that will benefit each and every one of us by reducing traffic and enjoying a cleaner environment,” explained Konrad Pulé, Malta Public Transport General Manager. 👍

Malta Public Transport invests in sustainability - 22/01/2021

As the leading provider of sustainable transport services on the islands, Malta Public Transport has invested in advanced technology that helps improve driver performance to increase efficiency and safety. The system monitors driving patterns in real time to measure key indicators including fuel consumption, smooth-driving levels, and accident-avoidance parameters.

Malta Public Transport awarded ISO certification in Safety - 18/01/2021

50% reduction in accidents in six years

Change in bus times on Christmas and New Year’s - 18/12/2020

Tallinja Bike lands in Gozo - 10/12/2020

More public transport buses with contactless payment points - 16/11/2020

Free Tallinja On Demand service throughout November - 05/11/2020

Journeys with Tallinja On Demand will be completely free for Tallinja Card holders until the end of November. Tallinja On-Demand by Malta Public Transport provides a premium bus service with guaranteed pick-up and drop-off time at any of the bus stops in the operating zone spanning Pembroke to Valletta.

Suspension of Xwieni (northbound) Bus Stop - 14/10/2020

Winter Cash Rate - 13/10/2020

As of Sunday 18th October, the bus ticket fares will change to the Winter rate. Tallinja cardholders will continue to benefit from the same reduced fares while cash tickets can still be purchased on the bus for €1.50. Furthermore, contactless payment equipment has now been installed on 80 buses and passengers may pay for cash tickets using their contactless bank cards, smartphones or smartwatches. Passengers are kindly reminded that an exact fare policy is in effect and no change will be given by the bus driver.
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