Malta Public Transport


Enjoy free travel and win with Malta Public Transport!

Participate in three easy steps!

  1. Travel using the free public transport service run by Malta Public Transport.
  2. Get one ticket in your name on the Tallinja App for every 10 free journeys made.
  3. Be in the chance of winning €1,000 worth of One4All gift vouchers every month!

How will the lottery work?

Participating in the Tallinja Lottery by Malta Public Transport is simple! Start making use of the free travel service run by Malta Public Transport. For every ten (10) free journeys you will automatically receive one (1) lottery ticket registered via the Tallinja App. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can have. The more you travel for free, the more lottery tickets you will be able to collect.

How can I see my tickets?

In order to view the number of tickets you have earned from free travel, simply download the free Tallinja App, register your account, tap "more" on the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on "Free Travel". Here you will see the date for the next lottery draw, and the number of tickets on your Tallinja Card account.

How will the winners be drawn?

A random draw will happen every second Monday of the month, and the lucky winner will be contacted by our team and asked an easy, general knowledge question. The first draw of the Tallinja Lottery will be held on 12th December 2022. If the winner answers correctly and agrees to the Terms & Conditions of the competition, the winner will be presented with €1,000 worth of One4All gift vouchers.

Are you ready to participate? Start travelling for free and be in the chance to win €1,000 every month!

Read our Terms & Conditions.