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Tallinja Bike

Tallinja Bike is a bike-sharing system that operates in Malta and Gozo.

Bike-sharing is an alternative mode of transport that allows individuals to borrow an electric bike from a docking station and return it to another docking station belonging to the same system.

Tallinja Bike is ideal for tourists who wish to explore the city, as well as daily commuters, since docking stations are available in various locations around Malta and Gozo, offering connections from the bus terminal and the two ferry terminals on either side of the city. There are many benefits of using a Tallinja Bike:

Saving time

Tallinja Bike is faster than walking and if you are not keen on pedaling, the bike can easily be switched to electric mode to facilitate the rest of your journey. You can quickly grab a bike when you need one and conveniently drop it off at the next docking station when you are done.

Saving Money

You can rent a Tallinja Bike for only €3, and you can also get a discount with your Tallinja card. You are only charged when the bike is being used. When the Tallinja Bike is returned to a docking station, the charges stop.

Going Green

Using a bike as opposed to a car will prevent CO2 emissions from polluting the air further. It is a small initiative but every little bit helps!

Getting Exercise

Cycling – no matter how long the distance is, is beneficial for everyone. If you don’t have time during the day to get some exercise in, the Tallinja Bike could be your daily dose of wellbeing. Let us not forget that exercise also reduces stress, which could be a great thing before work in the morning.

Having Fun

Why not add some fun to your day? Riding a bike might be a new thing for you.

There are 11 docking stations in Malta and 3 stations in Gozo, which are also in proximity of historic landmarks, museums, cafés, restaurants, popular bus stops and Gozo Channel ferry. 

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