Malta Public Transport

How it Works

Using the Tallinja Bike is easy, so easy we have narrowed it down to a 4-step process:

1 Join
2 Unlock
3 Ride
4 Return

To use the Tallinja Bike, an account has to be set up on the digital screen at the bike station. Once this is set up, your details are saved and you only need to log in next time. Once you register or log in, the digital screen at the bike station screen will indicate which bike number can be used. You can use your Tallinja Bike anywhere in Valletta and nearby surroundings, docking it into any of the 11 stations in Malta and 3 stations in Gozo in between trips. When you dock the Tallinja Bike back at any of the stations, you will be charged according to the time the bike spent undocked.

  1. Join – Signing up

    In order to rent a Tallinja Bike, you will need to set up an account to be able to use Tallinja Bike service.

    Credit card details are required from all customers as the service charge will be affected after the rental period is terminated.

    Authentication: A reimbursable charge of €1 will be applied to the user’s credit/debit card to ensure the card is valid.

    Security check: This is done to ensure that the credit/debit card details entered in the system belong to the user.

  2. Unlock

    After you have registered or logged in, you need to select the number of bikes you would like to rent. The screen will then display the Tallinja Bikes which can be undocked from the station and ready to use.

  3. Ride

    Once you have successfully undocked your Tallinja Bike you can use it anywhere in Valletta. You need to return the bike to a station every time you are not using it as you will continue to be charged otherwise. For more information on where the docking stations are located you can visit here Docking station

  4. Return

    Once you have finished your trip on the Tallinja Bike, you need to return it to one of the docking stations available. Not docking the bike means the bike is still in use and you will keep being charged for the rental time accordingly. There is a time limit of 24 hours on each rental period. If the Tallinja Bike is not returned within 24 hours penalty charges will apply.