Malta Public Transport


  1. What is a Tallinja Bike?

    The Tallinja Bike is a new bike-sharing service to facilitate travel within and around Valletta.

  2. Who is the Tallinja Bike for?

    The Tallinja Bike is for tourists as well as locals who would like to use alternative modes of transport while enjoying the scenery in and around Valletta.

  3. Where can I go with the Tallinja Bike?

    You can ride the bike anywhere in Valletta and surrounding areas.

  4. Is there an app?

    Yes there in an app, for more info visit here.

  5. How do I use the Tallinja Bike?

    For full instructions on how to use the Tallinja Bike please visit this page

  6. How old do I have to be to use the Tallinja Bike?

    You have to be 18 + to be able to use the Tallinja Bike, we will not take responsibility for any incidents involving people below that age.

  7. Can I reserve a bike?

    No, bikes are rented on demand, first-come, first-served basis.

  8. What are the rental costs?

    For the full rental costs and terms please visit here

  9. What if there are no bikes at the station?

    You can check which stations have bikes available from the totems at each station and from the tallinja app. This does not guarantee that you will find an available bike since it may be taken out by the time you walk to the station.

  10. What if I need to return a bike and a station is full?

    If there are no spaces at a station you would need to go to the next station to dock your bike.

  11. What happens when a rental bike is damaged during the rental period?

    You can report any damage or fault on the totem when you return your bike to the station.

  12. Do you give a reduction on large groups or for long-term rentals

    No discounts apply.

  13. Does the bike have a lock?

    The bike will only be locked at the station when docked.

  14. What if a bike gets stolen?

    A bike cannot get stolen unless it is left undocked. If it gets stolen while in your possession, you need to file a police report and call our contact centre for assistance.

  15. Are there any special traffic rules I need to know?

    Customers must abide by the traffic regulations in force at the time of rental.

  16. Do I have to leave a deposit?

    There is no deposit during the promotional period up to 31 December 2018.

  17. Can I return my bike earlier than agreed?

    There is no pre-assigned time limit, as long as this does not exceed 24 hours.

  18. Can I ride the rental bike with 2 persons?

    No, only the sole rider can be on the bike.

  19. Are rental bikes equipped with illumination?

    No they are not equipped with illumination.

  20. Do you provide maps?

    Maps are available online and at the Malta Public Transport sales offices.

  21. Where can I park my bike?

    The bike can only be parked at the docking stations.

  22. What happens if the bike has a flat tyre or breaks down?

    Primarily you should take your bike to the closest station and dock it.

    You may contact Customer Care on 20958855 from Monday to Sunday from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

  23. Are helmets required to ride the Tallinja Bike?

    No, however we do suggest you wear a helmet for safety.

  24. Do you provide helmets?

    Yes, you can purchase helmets from Malta Public Transport at €30

  25. What is the law concerning Ipods and mobile phones on the bike?

    We insist that you ride the Tallinja Bike diligently and follow the traffic rules. We recommend wearing a helmet at all times.

  26. What is the weight of a Tallinja Bike?

     The Tallinja Bike weighs no more than a standard road bike.

  27. Are the bikes electric powered?

    Yes they are, however they can also be used manually.

  28. Will my credit ever expire?

    There is no credit. Rentals are charged according to use.

  29. Can I take my bike out of the area where the stations are?

    Yes but it must be used in Valletta and surrounding areas and returned to a docking station within 24 hours.

  30. Can I rent more than one bike on my account?

    Yes you can, however if you have a Valletta or Explore card, you will only get a discount on the price of one Tallinja Bike.

  31. How long can I rent a bike for?

    The longest period is 24 hours.

  32. What do I do if I am not feeling well enough to ride my Tallinja Bike?

    You can return the bike to the closest station and call our Customer Care on +356 20958855 if you require assistance.

  33. Are Tallinja Bikes safe?

    Yes, Tallinja Bikes are quality bikes and were built to ensure maximum rider safety. For added safety, we advise you to wear a helmet and follow traffic rules diligently.

  34. What kind of data does the system generate, and who can access it?

    The system generates personal data in order to be able to set up your account. Our customer care and IT are the only people internally who can access your personal information. Data protection is a high priority for us and we take very high measures to ensure maximum security.

  35. Is there a membership rate?

    Personalised Tallinja Card holders benefit from reduced rates and can also keep track of their travel history through an online account. Customers must subscribe to an annual membership of €80 or 3-month membership of €25. As a special launch promotion, customers may rent a bike without paying the membership fee. This offer is valid till 31 December 2018.

  36. Do students get a special rate?

    There is no reduced rate for students.