Malta Public Transport


Safety is at the heart of everything we do – from bus inspections and maintenance, to the way we drive our buses every day.

All our employees are trained to ensure safety at all times. We employ over 1,000 professional drivers who go through rigorous training to obtain their international Certificate of Professional Competence. With over 5,600 trips each day, our drivers are trained to check their bus every morning before starting their service.

We invest in buses equipped with latest safety technology including speed limiters and ABS. We equip our buses with hands-free communication systems for drivers to keep in contact with our central control room with minimal interference. 

Our buses are inspected and maintained regularly by specially trained people who are committed to safety. All inspections and maintenance is recorded and checked to ensure compliance with established procedures.

Our buses are equipped with first aid kits in the case of an emergency. These are clearly marked and accessible. They are also fitted with CCTV cameras systems for the added safety of our employees and passengers.