Malta Public Transport


We are committed to protecting and improving our environment. Thanks to our continued investment, Malta has never had such a modern bus fleet.

All of our buses are Euro 5 and Euro 6 offering the latest technology when it comes to diesel engines. This makes our fleet environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

We are now testing the first Electric Bus in Malta with the aim to adapt to Maltese roads for future use.

We are improving our training for our drivers on how to optimise fuel consumption. With over almost 30 million kilometres travelled every year, every effort made in this area can have a significant impact on the environment.

We have invested in a fleet management system that will enable us to identify improvements that can be made to reduce our journey time on the road and therefore reducing our carbon footprint further.

With such an eco-friendly bus service, this offers our bus users an added benefit by contributing towards a better environment when travelling by bus, which results in fewer cars on the road, therefore, reducing the carbon footprint in Malta even further.