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Our Community

Our Community

Our service has a direct impact on people in many ways and we are sensitive to their different needs.

Safety is a top priority. Our buses are constantly on the road and we are responsible for the safety of our employees, passengers and of the public in general. With 5,200 bus trips done every day, we all have a major role to play when it comes to road safety.

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Malta has never had such a modern bus fleet. With the latest technology when it comes to diesel engines, our fleet is environmentally friendly and efficient. This offers our bus users an added benefit by contributing towards a better environment when travelling by bus.

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Besides having low emissions, all our buses are low floor with easy access for anyone with wheelchairs and pushchairs with priority seating for those in need. We have audio and visual systems announcing the next bus stop on every bus. We also offer different fare structures to disabled persons, elderly persons, children and students thanks to our personalised tallinja card. This is all part of our commitment to promote mobility within our community.

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