Malta Public Transport

Tallinja App

This app offers a range of features to make your journeys easier and more convenient. Click here to learn how to use the Tallinja App.

1. Search and plan by destination

Plan your trips with the journey planner feature. Easily navigate and select destinations, considering real-time bus information, walking directions, and alternative transportation options. The app generates route options tailored to your needs. 

2. Check real-time information

Save time and stay informed with real-time information on bus arrival times. Get live updates on delays or changes to your planned routes. You can also select to track your bus in real-time on the map while waiting at the bus stop. These features help you make informed decisions and adjust your travel arrangements accordingly.

3. Keep up-to-date with service alerts

Stay up-to-date with the newly introduced service alerts. The Tallinja App provides detailed information about any relevant service disruptions that may affect your travel plans. Stay prepared and adapt your journeys as needed. Service alerts on the Tallinja App are reliant on information provided by the local authorities and are accurate as of publishing date and time. 

4. Purchase offers

Conveniently purchase offers for various modes of public transport using the Explore Flex Card. Monitor your transactions on your Tallinja Card and rate your bus trips to provide feedback. 

5. Choose Malta Public Transport bus and On Demand as travel options

Discover the user-friendly interface of the Tallinja App. Easily search for public transport options, Bus or On Demand based on your destination. The optimised menu interface simplifies map exploration and provides easy access to all app functionalities. 

6. Personalise

Personalise your experience by saving your favourite bus stops, routes, and frequently used journeys. Access them with ease whenever you need quick information. Set up notifications for specific routes or services to receive alerts about disruptions or important updates. 

The Tallinja App empowers commuters in Malta, simplifying the travel experience and improving overall satisfaction. With its journey planner, real-time updates, and convenient card payment system, this app is your reliable companion for navigating the public transportation system efficiently.