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FAQs Tallinja App

 How do I create a Tallinja App account?

  • Select "Sign in" by clicking on
  • Click ''Create account’’
  • Enter your name, surname, date of birth, email and choose a password
  • Click "Continue”
  • Add your telephone number and click "Continue”
  • To finish up, enter the 6-digit number that you received by SMS. At times you must wait a bit until the SMS is received
  • If you have your physical Tallinja Card, proceed  by clicking on "Add Tallinja Card"

How do I add my Tallinja Card or Flex Card?

  • Select “My Cards”
  • Click “Add Tallinja Card or Flex Card”
  • Add your customer number or card number. If you have a Explore Flex, you can also scan the QR code found on the card

How to search a journey by destination?

  • In home page search “Where are you going?”
  • Check journey options and suggested routes
  • Change Departure date and time by clicking on the “Departure: Now”
  • Change " My current location ", if you are planning to depart from a different place
  • Select you preferred choice
  • Check the itinerary details and click on "Select Journey" 
  • The save journey is found under the " Journeys "

How can I view buses real-time?

  • In Home page, look for a button labelled " Bus " and click on it
  • After clicking the button, a list of nearby bus stops will be displayed
  • Look at the list to identify the bus stops closest to your current location
  • Select a specific bus stop from the list to view the routes that pass through it
  • Alternatively, click on a green bubble on the map, representing a bus stop to see the list of routes.
  • Against each route, there is a real-time for the bus reaching that bus stop. Note: the times need to have   for real-time to be working

How can I see routes details?

  • While you are in the real-time page, you can further click on the desired bus route to access more details about it
  • Once you've selected a bus route, you will be presented with a list of stops along that route
  • Explore different bus stop names and bus stop numbers in the “Where are you going?” search box by returning to the home page to familiarise further with preferred routes and itineraries
  • Click on “get directions” to plan a journey by setting your preferred bus stop as a destination

How can I save my preferred bus stop or bus route?

  • Click on the heart at the top right of the bus stop or bus route information to save it in the favourite section
  • Access the heart icon at the bottom of the app to refer to saved routes and buses
  • You will receive a push-notification when the save bus stop or route is impacted by a service disruption

How do I check for service alerts?

  • Navigate to the map view which display various bus stops and routes
  • Look for bus stops that appear greyed out on the map. Greyed out bus stops indicate that the stop is entirely closed
  • Identifying Partial Service Alerts when bus stops appear only with a caution sign. A caution sign indicates that some routes are not currently serving the bus stop
  • If you come across a bus stop with an alert, click on the associated alert tag to view more information regarding the service disruption
  • Alternatively, you can access the optional menu labelled "Service Disruption" to search for specific disruptions

How do I book an On Demand?

  • Select the “On Demand” option at the bottom of the main screen
  • Choose an origin and a destination in the search box. You can choose the origin and destination either by typing it in the search box or by taping on the On Demand spots directly on the map
  • The application will offer you the On Demand spots closest to your search
  • The application will offer you the nearest pick-up and drop-off points
  • Choose the date and time in which you want to use the service
  • Choose the number of passengers and accessibility options you require
  • The application will give you an estimated pick-up and drop-off time
  • Once confirmed, you must proceed to pay
  • We will keep you informed about the status of your reservation