Malta Public Transport

Quality Policy

Malta Public Transport is the national bus operator responsible to operate all public transport services by bus on the Maltese islands. Our vision is to be the natural choice for people wanting to travel easily in Malta by providing an excellent service.

The current Quality Policy, defined by the Management, is part of the general policy of the company and is aligned with our vision.

Our efforts are focused on the following:

  • Everyone’s safety is at the forefront of everything we do. It is our top priority.
  • We continuously strive for excellence. We want to provide a service which our customers can trust and rely on. We care for our customers and we challenge ourselves to do better and to give them the best possible experience.
  • Our people are our greatest asset. We are proud to work as a team and to face challenges together. We listen to each other, and we trust and respect one another. We give each other the opportunity to excel in what we do. Our success is everyone’s success.
  • We lead by example. We care about our environment, about road safety and about the quality of people’s lives. We support our local community and we build strong relationships with them.
  • We establish the continuous improvement of our services by monitoring the established objectives and goals.
  • We offer services according to legal and contractual requirements.
  • We maximize on our international experience and adapt it to the local context where we operate.
  • We build a positive, open and safe working environment respecting and appraising the diversity and personality that each person brings.
  • We establish the necessary information channels to ensure effective internal and external communication.
  • We have a safe and reliable bus fleet that is environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible to all.