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About Tallinja Card

Your personalised transport card

The Tallinja Card is an intelligent bus card designed to make it easy for you to use the bus. The card is personalised with your photo and name and can be topped up with credit easily online, via the free Tallinja App or at any of our sales outlets. Your credit will not expire.

With effect from 1 October 2022, holders of a personalised Tallinja Card can travel for free on Day Routes, Night Routes and Special Services. Tallinja Direct (TD) Routes are not free and a fare will apply depending on the card used. The fare will be deducted from the card's balance when this is tapped on the reader / ticketing machine near the bus driver on the bus.

Every time you board the bus, simply touch the reader on the bus with your Tallinja Card. Passengers must tap the card on the reader, even though the service may be free. It’s that easy and much quicker!

Different cards and fares are available for Children, Students, Adults, Kartanzjan Holders, Holders of EU Disability Card with “MT” mark or Special ID Card issued by Agenzija Sapport and Gozo Residents. This card cannot be shared. 

The bus driver and inspector will reserve the right to ask you to show your Tallinja Card so that the photo and name can be verified. A penalty of €50 will apply if someone uses the card of someone else.

Registration and postage fees apply. Subject to Terms and Conditions and the Passenger Transport Services Regulations (SL.499.56).

Register for your Tallinja Card by clicking here.

Registering for your Tallinja Card

Registering for your Tallinja Card is simple, and can be done in one of two ways. You will be required to provide your email and mobile phone number which will be used for us to communicate with you.

Following the instructions makes sure your application is processed in an efficient manner, without any delays. We aim to deliver the card within two weeks of registration.

Click here, follow the instructions and fill in the required fields. Some fields are mandatory and need to be populated.

If you are a Maltese e-ID card holder and choose to give us your e-ID Card document number, we will be able to take the photo from the National Identity Database Management System or the Car Licensing Database. This will facilitate the processing of your card, and make the process a swifter one.

If you are the holder of any other identity document, you will be asked to upload a photo and a copy of your document.

The registration fee for Adult/Student and Gozo cards is €25. For Child and Consession cards, the registration fee is €5. In addition to the registration fee, registered postage charges also apply.

As of 22nd January 2024 till 29th February 2024, all Tallinja Card applications applied via the website or Maltapost are exempt from the registration fee. The applicable postal charge will remain unchanged.

It is important that the instructions on the application form are read and adhered to.

How to use the Tallinja Card

Upon receiving your Tallinja Card, you can top it up with additional credit. This can be done using the following options:

  • By accessing the top-up page
  • Via the free Tallinja App 
  • By visiting any of our outlets and topping up by Credit/Debit card 

When topping up, make sure you enter the correct customer number. If an error is made and a customer number other than yours is used, we are not liable to refund any funds.

When boarding a bus, keep your Tallinja Card handy, and tap it on the reader next to the driver. When doing so, make sure you get a green light on the reader together with a chime. This means that the card has been validated and accepted, and you can then proceed towards the back of the bus to take a seat.

Red light and a different chime mean the card has not been accepted or validated, and that you would need to purchase a ticket to be allowed to board the bus. Failure to validate the card or have a valid ticket will result in you incurring a penalty.

With effect from 1 October 2022, holders of a personalised Tallinja Card can travel for free on Day Routes, Night Routes and Special Services. Tallinja Direct (TD) Routes are not free of charge. When you validate your card, a fare will be deducted for Tallinja Direct (TD) services.

The Tallinja Card can also be used on other services besides the bus including the Valletta Ferry Services connecting Valletta to The Three Cities and Sliema, which is free to travel when using the card. The Tallinja Card can also be used to access the Barrakka Lift and the Tallinja Bike services for which both a fare applies depending on the Tallinja Card used.