Malta Public Transport

Finding a station

There are 6 stations where you can find your Tallinja Bike in and around Valletta. All stations are located in proximity to historic sites, renowned museums, restaurants, cafès, and the Valletta ferry terminals.

    1. Valletta Terminus

      The Valletta Terminus station is located right outside the entrance to Valletta on the left-hand side of the Triton Fountain. If you are coming into Valletta by ferry from Sliema, this might not be your first stop, however, if you are heading back from Valletta, the Valletta Terminus might be the ideal place to dock your Tallinja Bike. For a street view of the station click here

    2. St Elmo

      This is where the historic Fort St Elmo is located. While in this area, you can also visit the National War Museum and The Knights Hospitallers. From St Elmo, you can also ride all the way to Barraka lift to get into the heart of Valletta. For a street view of the St Elmo station click here.

    3. Barrakka Lift

      Another station is located next to the Barrakka Lift leading to the Upper Barakka Gardens where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour before taking the elevator down. At the bottom of the Barakka lift, you can visit the Lascaris War rooms or head to the Valletta Waterfront which has several restaurants and cafes to choose from. If this happens to be your last stop in Valletta before crossing to the South, you can dock your bike at this station and get the Birgu Ferry. For a street view of this statioν click here.

    4. Valletta Waterfront

      If you want to enjoy the views of the Grand Harbour, Valletta Waterfront is a must. With its nineteen historical 250-year-old warehouses, built by Grand Master Pinto at the height of the baroque period in Malta, Valletta Waterfront invites you to discover a complete mix of retail, dining and leisure experiences. Afterward, you can take a bike from Valletta Waterfront back to Valletta Terminus if you want to keep enjoying Valletta. For a street view of the Valletta, Waterfront station click here

    5. Floriana P&R

      Commuters who prefer not to drive into Valletta can park their cars at the Floriana Park&Ride and take a Tallinja Bike to Valletta. They will enjoy a pleasant short trip to any of the available stations around Valletta. For a street view of Floriana, P&R station click here.

    6. Marsamxett

      If St Elmo is your last stop before heading out of Valletta, you can return your bike at the Marsamxett station. If you are on your way to Valletta by ferry, you might want to head first to the Valletta terminal station and explore the City. After a coffee or light lunch break in one of the several interesting restaurants in Valletta, you can then get another bike to visit St Elmo, before taking the final trip back to catch the ferry to Sliema. For a street view of the Marsamxett station click here

    7. Pembroke Park & Ride

      Pembroke Park and Ride is a convenient location to park your car and travel to other destinations. By using one of our tallinja bikes will make it easier to avoid traffic and less hassle to find an available parking space. For a street view of the Pembroke Park and Ride Station click here

    8. University of Malta

      Do you need to travel around University and arrive quickly at your next lecture? Then use tallinja bike. The University of Malta station is located next to the University Quardangle.