Malta Public Transport

Tallinja App

The Meep app has been enhanced with new features to help improve the customer’s experience when using the Tallinja Bike. With the Meep app, customers may now: 

  1. Find all the station locations

    By downloading the Meep App (Click here to download the app), you can see where all the stations are positioned as well as the distance in terms of time from one station to another.

  2. See past journeys

    If you are a frequent bike user, you are able to view all your past journeys on the App as it keeps a record of your all your trips.

  3. Confirm the number of bikes available per station

    The app also allows you to check the number of available bikes at a station before heading there. Alternatively, you can also determine whether there is space for you to dock your bike at the desired station, before actually going there.

  4. Create an online account

    If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one through the Meep app.