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Tallinja App

Tallinja App

Real-time information about the bus service can be accessed by downloading the tallinja app for iPhone and Android smartphones. The app is free of charge.

You can download the app by searching “tallinja” on your iPhone’s App Store or the Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone.

Use these links to download the app: for iPhone. for Android.

The tallinja app will continue improving your experience of the public transport service. You can use this app to locate your closest bus stop. You can also view which bus routes serve your closest stop and get to know the estimated time of arrival of buses arriving at your closest stop within the next 30 minutes.

The tallinja app makes use of GPS technology where every bus transmits its current location to the central system. The system then compares the location to where the bus is planned to arrive and estimates that time of arrival on each of the 2,000 bus stops around Malta and Gozo.

The app gives tallinja cardholders additional benefits. With a simple online registration process, tallinja cardholders may check their card balance, top-up their card and even see their actual bus trips and transaction history.

Planning a journey by bus is also easier with this app. All bus stops are identifiable on a map, and by clicking on any one of these bus stops, you can plan your journey with ease. 

The full list of functions which are available on the app are listed below:

Tallinja On Demand

Tallinja On Demand is a premium public transport on-demand service operated by Malta Public Transport. You can book a seat on one of our premium buses using our Tallinja APP by choosing where and when to be picked up and dropped off. 

Favorites Icon

Save the bus stops that you use more often for easier access. This function will save you time when planning your journey and find information on the next bus stop at your favourite bus stop.

More Icon

Access this section to Login or Sign Up to your personal login area to get access to more advanced functions including a full list of your past trips. From this section you can also get in touch with us, report a bug, access your current and past journeys and access the service updates.

Journey PLanner

This function will help you plan your trip from any point in Malta and Gozo to any other point in the country. This function is based on a map. You can choose between the shortest walk, minimum number of bus transfers and the best route when planning your journey.

With this function, you can get information on the buses which will be arriving next at any bus stop. This function will list all the buses arriving within the next 30 minutes at any bus stop that you choose. You can also see other buses which arrive at the same bus stop that you choose. You can also see other buses arrive which arrive at the same stop. The arrival time is based on estimates.

You can also send an SMS to 50611010 to use this service without an internet connection: enter the bus stop code in the message and you will then receive a message from tallinja with a list of buses arriving at this bust stop within the next 30 minutes. 

Card icon

From this section, you can connect your tallinja card and also your credit card. Furthermore, you can access your tallinja card balance from this section.