Malta Public Transport

Valletta Card

Malta's capital city is a true historic gem. With the Valletta Card you can now travel to and from Valletta with ease whilst also exploring the unique cultural sites that are available.

With the Valletta Card, you can travel by bus to Valletta from anywhere in Malta and you can travel back by bus to any location in Malta. The Card includes two trips on the ferry service which you can use to travel to Valletta from Sliema and from the Cospicua, and back. Finally, you can get around Valletta by bus on Route 133 - The Valletta Circular. The Card also includes free access to the Upper Barrakka lift when travelling by ferry from Cospicua.

With the Valletta Card you can visit any three of the The Palace State Rooms, The Palace Armoury, The National Musuem of Archaeology and Malta 5D. Whether you feel like visiting the Presidential Palace situated at the heart of Malta's World Heritage capital city of Valletta, observe one of the world's largest collections of arms and armour, view a spectacular range of artefacts dating back to Malta's Neolithic period up to the Phoenician Period or discover 7,000 years of history thanks to an audio-visual experience is completely up to you!

The Valletta Card will be valid for 24 hours from the first time it is used. You must validate your Card every time you board the bus or use any of the other services.

For a full list of the Valletta Card's terms and conditions you may click here.