Malta Public Transport

Scheme granting free travel to customers turning 18 years old in 2017 for 12 months starting from 18

Customers turning eighteen during 2017 will benefit from one year of free travel on the public transport service offered by Malta Public Transport. The scheme is one of the Government’s budget measures for 2017.

Transport Malta, as the authority for transport in Malta, will refund the travel credit used in the previous month. 

Any individual can benefit up to €312 in credit refunds during the year.  Transport Malta will refund credit for all types of routes offered by Malta Public Transport including day, night trips and special routes.

Tallinja Card holders who turn eighteen in 2017 do not need to apply.  Holders will automatically start benefitting on their birthday.  Non-Tallinja Card holders need to apply for a new tallinja card to benefit from the scheme.

For full terms and conditions click here.