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Below you will find the timetables from each bus stop for the route you have selected. For most routes, there are timetables in each direction below each other.

Bus stops are sorted by locality and you can expand each locality to view the approximate departure times on each bus stop.

Timetables may vary from weekdays to Saturdays and Sundays for some routes, so please select from the options available. Some routes have the same timetables from Mondays to Sundays.

Valletta - Cirkewwa X300
Il-Belt Valletta More    15:0015:4516:1516:4517:15
Valletta B6 15:0015:4516:1516:4517:15
L-Imsida More    15:0515:5016:2016:5117:21
Kullegg 15:0515:5016:2016:5117:21
Qroqq 3 15:0715:5216:2216:5317:23
Ic-Cirkewwa More    15:5516:4517:1517:5018:20
Cirkewwa Alight 15:5516:4517:1517:5018:20
Cirkewwa - Valletta X300
Ic-Cirkewwa More    06:3507:0507:3508:0508:50
Cirkewwa 1 06:3507:0507:3508:0508:50
L-Imsida More    07:3208:0208:3209:0209:47
Qroqq 4 07:3208:0208:3209:0209:47
Kullegg 07:3408:0408:3409:0409:49
Il-Belt Valletta More    07:4008:1008:4009:1009:55
Valletta 18 07:4008:1008:4009:1009:55