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Palazzo Falson

A snapshot of the world at the heart of Mdina

What is the connection between a Victorian perfume bottle, a Persian dagger, and a Maltese stew-pot? They share the same home at the fascinating Palazzo Falson in Mdina. The palazzo itself is a stunning example of a medieval courtyard house built for the nobility within the fortified city.

Palazzo Falson was the home of Olof Gollcher, who rose to the rank of Captain in World War II. An artist, scholar and philanthropist, Capt. Gollcher already had a vision for a museum of fine and decorative arts from around the world when he bought part of the palazzo in 1927.

The huge collection reflects the breadth of the Captain’s interests and includes priceless artefacts ranging from Oriental rugs to Maltese silver, antique furniture to rare timepieces, and from military armoury to religious art. Room after room, Palazzo Falson is a mesmerising journey across the cultural heritage of past and contemporary civilisations.

Gollcher amassed a mouth-watering library of over 4,500 books and valuable manuscripts as well as some 200 paintings, boasting works by Nicolas Poussin, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Mattia Preti among them.

Palazzo Falson is a unique testimony of human genius throughout the centuries. The palazzo is open for visiting Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00.

Getting there

Routes 51 and 52 stop right outside the Silent City at the bus stop named Mdina. Buses depart Valletta every 30 minutes from 05:40 and 5:30 until 22:40 and 22:30, respectively. Route 56 also serves Mdina bus stop, leaving Valletta every 60 minutes between 09:15 and 18:15.