Malta Public Transport

Special Service for Birgu Fest 2022


Malta Public Transport is announcing a special public transport service operating to and from Birgu during the annual Birgu Fest. The festival aims at highlighting the town’s historical heritage whilst providing musical and cultural entertainment to suit all tastes and ages.

Owing to the increasing popularity amongst locals and tourists alike, on Saturday 8th October, Malta Public Transport will be operating services with buses leaving from Valletta towards Birgu on Route 2 departing at 20:45hrs, 21:15hrs, 21:45hrs and 22:15hrs. Route 3 Valletta departures are at 20:25hrs, 21:25hrs and 22:25hrs, and Route 4 departing at 20:20hrs, 21:20hrs and 22:20hrs.

Conversely, from Birgu Riche bus Route 2 departures will leave at 20:13hrs, 21:13hrs, 21:43hrs, 22:43hrs, 23:00 hrs, 23:20hrs, 23:40hrs, 00:00hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:40hrs and 01:00hrs and Route 4 departures are 20:17hrs, 20:47hrs, 21:47hrs, 22:47hrs all headed towards Valletta.

Malta Public Transport would like to remind the public that Special Services, including the special transport service operating to and from Birgu, are included in the Free Public Transport scheme. In order to benefit from free public transport, passengers are required to own a valid personalised Tallinja Card and tap it against the ticket machine every time they board the bus. Passengers without Tallinja Cards will need to purchase their ticket on board the bus.

For more information, including details of bus routes and FAQs on the free public transport scheme, one can visit

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