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Public survey on mobility needs


As part of its effort to continue to improve mobility in Malta, Malta Public Transport has embarked on a study to assess travel patterns in Malta in order to be able to provide tangible solutions that can make public transport more attractive and encourage more people to use it. Malta Public Transport is inviting the general public to participate in an online survey that will gather information about travel patterns in Malta, along with other sources such as traffic counts. 

“We are constantly looking to improve the public transport service to cater for the changing needs of customers and this survey will help us understand current travel requirements,” explained Diane Oswald, Head of Communications at Malta Public Transport. “This exercise is part of a wider study that will enable us to delve into the next phase in the transformation of urban transport in Malta. We encourage everyone to participate in this survey and share it with their family and friends, as each response will bring us one step closer to identifying mobility solutions that are both convenient and sustainable.”

Over the last six years, the company has quickly built one of the youngest and most energy-efficient bus fleets in Europe, while also investing in people and technology to ensure that public transport continues to fulfill its role as the most sustainable mode of moving people in Malta.  During these six years many changes have been proposed and implemented in the route network, based on passenger data. Through this study, Malta Public Transport will also be able to examine travel patterns of non-bus users. This will give more of a holistic picture of mobility in Malta, and will enable the company to propose solutions that will meet the country’s mobility needs. 

The easy-to-follow survey lets respondents mark their regular journeys on an interactive map, indicating the most popular travel routes on our roads throughout the week. Respondents are also asked to identify which qualities they look for in a mass rapid transit solution. 

All data is gathered in compliance with Data Protection provisions and will solely be used for the purposes of this research. The information will be submitted anonymously and cannot be traced back to the original respondents. 

The survey is available here:

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