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New real-time bus tracking feature improves commuting experience with Tallinja App


Malta Public Transport, the national public transport operator, is rolling-out a new feature within the Tallinja App: real-time bus tracking. Designed to enhance the commuting experience, this feature provides passengers with GPS information on bus locations and estimated arrival times. 

With the real-time bus tracking feature, commuters can conveniently monitor the location of buses in relation to their selected bus stop. This empowers passengers with greater certainty and control over their travel plans, as the real-time tracking feature empowers commuters to understand the bus position in relation to their bus stop location. 

Accessing the real-time bus tracking feature is simple and straightforward. Users can download the Tallinja App from the App Store or Google Play Store, and no account creation or login is required to access the feature. By allowing location sharing, users can view buses in real-time on the app's map interface, enabling them to track multiple buses simultaneously. 

To ensure ease of use, Malta Public Transport has provided a step-by-step guide within the Tallinja App, detailing how to download the app, access the feature, and utilise its functionalities effectively. All new users who download the Tallinja App will have the real-time bus tracking feature seamlessly integrated into their experience. For existing users of the Tallinja App, accessing this innovative feature may require a simple reinstall or update, depending on their current app and device settings. 

"This latest development is part of our ongoing commitment to improving the passenger experience and making public transport more accessible and efficient," said Alison Zammit, Product Manager at Malta Public Transport. "The introduction of real-time bus tracking in the Tallinja App is another step towards achieving this goal, providing passengers with valuable information to plan their journeys more effectively." 

Passengers are encouraged to provide feedback and report any issues they encounter with the real-time bus tracking feature through the app's built-in feedback form or by contacting Tallinja customer support. 

For more information about the real-time bus tracking feature, including FAQs as well as other services provided by Malta Public Transport, please visit this page.

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