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New Child Tallinja Card campaign to empower children with different needs


Through the Empowering Children Campaign, during the month of July 2021 Malta Public Transport will donate the full registration fee for the Child Tallinja Card to the Malta Trust Foundation. The campaign contributes to a project by the foundation raising funds for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to support children who are visually-impaired, on the autism spectrum or non-verbal.

The Child Tallinja Card is available for children between the ages of four and ten and the one-time registration of €15 offers holders a reduced travel rate of 0.25c per journey capped at 0.50c daily and €2 weekly. Besides nurturing a culture in favour of clean transport from a young age, the Tallinja Card entitles children to discounted fares on many different services, including the new fast ferry service between Malta and Gozo.

“By using their Tallinja Card, children will be unlocking all the benefits of public transport and contributing to less congestion on our roads and better air quality for everyone,” said Konrad Pulé, Malta Public Transport General Manager. “Besides this, one of our core values is to make a difference, and this is a wonderful opportunity for children to make a difference in other children’s lives.”

Speaking at the launch of the Empowering Children Campaign, Malta Trust Foundation Chairperson HE Marie-Louise Colerio Preca welcomed the collaboration with Malta Public Transport. “It is a pleasure to witness a growing awareness by the business community of its responsibility towards disadvantaged sectors in society. Malta Public Transport has always backed this understanding with actions that support children and young people who benefit from initiatives of social justice.

“It is great that children and young people help their peers, and this initiative will achieve just that. Children who register for a Tallinja Card will be supporting other children and young people with visual impairments or who are on the autism spectrum to access personalised equipment that helps them develop their skills.”

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg said, “Initiatives like these are not only witness the courage and solidarity of the Maltese people. From a young age, we are giving children firm values in helping others directly as well as preparing them to contribute to the welfare of society. Besides supporting a good cause, this initiative is an important step to foster a culture of clean transport use from an early age. This way we are strengthening our future as children are, after all, the adults of tomorrow.”

Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices elevate the quality of life of children and their families by improving the speech of users and facilitates language development, enhancing their communication and literacy.

Malta Public Transport also announced that in September, all children who have a Tallinja Card will be eligible to participate in an exclusive treasure hunt for all the family with a chance to win a number of prizes including bicycles and scooters. Organised by Malta Public Transport, the event will encourage the use of alternative modes of transport.

Registrations for a Child Tallinja Card can be made online by clicking here.


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