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More benefits for Tallinja Card holders: 20% discount on Ioscoot


Tallinja Card holders can now enjoy a 20% discount on Ioscoot journeys, benefitting from a special service rate of only 20 cents per minute. An agreement between Malta Public Transport and Ioscoot entitles over 320,000 Tallinja Card holders to easily pay for the electric motorbike sharing service, using the credit on their personalised Tallinja Card.

Tallinja Card holders can easily register their personalised Tallinja Card as their preferred method of payment on the Meep app to benefit from the reduced rate and use the credit on their personalised Tallinja card to pay for their trips.

Ioscoot offers a convenient way of getting around with its fleet of electric motorbikes. Through the Meep app, customers can locate the closest electric motorbike, unlock it and ride it to their destination. Riders are only charged for the journey time – there is no monthly membership fee or any other cost.

“Following the success of the integration of the Tallinja Card on the Valletta Ferry Services and Tallinja Bike, we are now offering our customers more value and more travel options,” explained Daniel Grech, Commercial Director of Malta Public Transport. “This agreement is a clear sign of our commitment to intermodal travel, as we provide our bus passengers with easy travel options on different modes of transport.”

Ioscoot’s fleet of electric motorcycles is currently available in St Julian’s, Sliema, Msida, and Valletta, although riders can travel beyond these zones. Users can instantly book their motorbikes through the Meep app, and they may carry a second passenger. Helmets are provided in the luggage booth for both riders.

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