Malta Public Transport

Media Statement


Malta Public Transport categorically denies any allegations with regard to the safety of the bus fleet, as recently raised in a judicial protest filed by Mr. Claudio Cutajar who is currently facing disciplinary charges for gross misconduct in relation to breach of procedures.

The safety of our passengers, of our employees and of all road users, is our top priority, and we have never and will never compromise on this fundamental aspect. Our company has strict procedures in place, that are based on our extensive international experience, to ensure the safety and security of our buses and everyone on board. The company would never allow buses that are not roadworthy to be put on the road.

We have full confidence in our team’s capabilities to uphold these high safety standards. We have no doubt of the professional integrity of Hector Astorga, Technical Director of our Group of companies with years of international experience together with Joe Grixti, our Engineering Services Manager, and Danilo Overend our Engineering Workshop Manager.

It is unfortunate that while we strive to continuously improve the quality of our service through controls and procedures, we are encountering such resistance, which has in fact resulted in the disciplinary process against Mr Cutajar, for breach of our procedures.

Malta Public Transport will be initiating legal action against Mr. Cutajar, since it is left with no choice but to defend its reputation against baseless allegations. We are confident that our records and evidence that will be presented in court, will prove that these allegations are false.

We would like to assure the public that our quality control procedures are robust, and we are proud to be ISO certified on both quality and safety standards. Our buses undergo regular inspections and servicing every 35 days as part of our preventive maintenance policy, ensuring that they meet the necessary safety requirements amongst others. Furthermore, our buses are subject to independent roadworthiness tests and to additional inspections and checks done by the Authority for Transport in Malta.

Malta Public Transport remains committed to providing a safe transport service to the community as it has always done, and we will continue to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality in all our operations.

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