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As of 1st October 2022, the Day Routes, Night Routes, and Special Services offered by Malta Public Transport will become free of charge to all those who own a personalised Tallinja Card. The update will be happening automatically, however passengers are required to tap their personalised Tallinja Card on the ticketing machine every time they board the bus.

Passengers who board the bus without a Tallinja Card will be obliged to pay for a ticket in cash or contactless payment upon boarding. Official Malta Public Transport Inspectors will be carrying out random inspections to verify patrons have either tapped their Tallinja Card or are in possession of cash tickets. A €50 fine will apply to any passengers caught without a travel card or cash ticket.

While no credit is required for travel on Day Routes, Night Routes or Special Service journeys, passengers will still need credit on their personalised Tallinja Card in order to travel on Tallinja Direct or Tallinja On Demand trips. Credit on the Tallinja Card can also be used to benefit from discounted rates on other mobility services, such as Tallinja Bike and Valletta Ferry Services. Customers who would like to receive a refund for their credit can apply online through the Malta Public Transport website as from 1st November 2022. An administration fee will be applied per refund application.

To apply for a Tallinja card, one would need to register online and provide an identification document such as an Identify Card or passport, as well as personal contact details such as telephone number and e-mail address. Personalised Tallinja Cards are not transferable to other passengers and a €50 fine will apply to any passengers caught using a personalised Tallinja Card issued in someone else’s name.

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