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Malta Public Transport Announces Expanded Services for New Year's Eve Celebrations in Valletta


Malta Public Transport is announcing extended services tailored for the New Year's Eve festivities in Valletta. As a part of the commitment to serving the community during this celebratory period, the bus company will be running special schedules for revelers celebrating the festivities in the Capital.

The New Year's Eve Special Services in Valletta will follow a Sunday schedule, with additional routes to accommodate the expected high demand from passengers. The regular extra schedule includes increased services for various routes including Kalkara, Birkirkara, Buġibba, Ħad-Dingli, Żebbuġ, iż-Żurrieq, Birżebbuġia, Xgħajra, and more. Additionally, after the normal schedule, Malta Public Transport will operate special services covering various destinations.

Regular Extra Schedule list:

  • Route 3 from Kalkara to Valletta: 18:40hrs, 19:10hrs, 19:40hrs, 20:10hrs
  • Route 22 from Birkirkara to Valletta: 18:35hrs, 19:05hrs, 19:35hrs, 20:05hrs
  • Route 48 from Buġibba to Valletta: 18:55hrs, 19:25hrs, 19:55hrs, 20:25hrs, 20:55hrs
  • Route 52 from Ħad-Dingli to Valletta: 18:45hrs, 19:15hrs, 19:45hrs, 20:15hrs
  • Route 61 from Ħaż-Żebbuġ to Valletta: 19:10hrs, 19:40hrs, 20:10hrs
  • Route 71 from Żurrieq to Valletta: 19:05hrs, 19:35hrs, 20:05hrs
  • Route 80 from Birżebbuġia to Valletta: 18:20hrs, 19:20hrs, 20:20hrs
  • Route 94 from Xgħajra: 18:50hrs, 19:20hrs, 19:50hrs, 20:20hrs
  • Route 1 from Valletta to Isla: 22:30hrs, 23:00hrs
  • Route 3 from Valletta to Kalkara: 22:30hrs, 23:00hrs
  • Route 13A from Valletta St. Julian’s: 22:20hrs, 22:45hrs, 23:00hrs
  • Route 22 from Valletta to Birkirkara: 22:45hrs, 23:00hrs
  • Route 48 from Valletta to Buġibba: 22:40hrs, 23:00hrs
  • Route 51 from Valletta to Mtarfa: 22:25hrs
  • Route 52 from Valletta to Ħad-Dingli: 23:00hrs
  • Route 61 from Valletta to Ħaż-Żebbuġ: 23:00hrs
  • Route 62 from Valletta to Siġġiewi: 22:55hrs
  • Route 71 from Valletta to Żurrieq: 23:00hrs
  • Route 72 from Valletta to Qrendi: 22:55hrs
  • Route 82 from Valletta to Birżebbuġia: 23:00hrs
  • Route 88 from Valletta to Gudja: 22:45hrs
  • Route 91 from Valletta to Marsaskala: 22:40hrs

Special Services After Normal Schedule:

  • S10: Departures from Valletta Bay A2 direction towards Paola, Birgu and Kalkara at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:45hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S20: Departures from Valletta Bay A3 direction Msida, San Ġwann, Kappara and Qroqq at 23:35hrs, 00:15hrs, 00:35hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:25hrs, 01:45hrs
  • S30: Departures from Valletta Bay A4 toward Birkirakara By-Pass, Iklin, Naxxar, Mosta and Buġibba at 23:30hrs, 00:15hrs, 00:35hrs, 00:55hrs, 01:15hrs, 01:35hrs, 01:55hrs
  • S40: Departures from Valletta Bay A6 direction Mosta, Mġarr, Manikata and Ġħajn Tuffieħa at 23:35hrs, 00:15hrs, 00:35hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:25hrs, 01:45hrs
  • S41: Departures from Valletta Bay A5 toward Mosta, St Paul’s Bay, Xemxija, Mellieħa and Ċirkewwa at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:40hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:20hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S50: Departures from Valletta Bay A7 toward Ħamrun, Santa Venera, Mrieħel, Attard, Rabat and Ħad-Dingli at 23:35hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:45hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S60: Departures from Valletta Bay A8 direction Marsa P&R, Qormi Żebbuġ Terminus and Siġġiewi at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:45hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S70: Departures from Valletta Bay A9 direction Floriana, Blata l-Bajda, Luqa, Ħal Kirkopr, Ħal Safi and Mqabba at 23:35hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:45hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S80: Departures from Valletta Bay A10 toward  Paola, Ħal Tarxien, Bulebel, Ħal Għaxaq and Gudja at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:45hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:40hrs
  • S90: Departures from Valletta Bay A11 direction Marsa, Paola, Fgura, Ħaż-Żabbar and Marsasakla at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:35hrs, 00:50hrs, 01:05hrs, 01:25hrs, 01:45hrs
  • S13: Departures from Valletta Bays A12-13 direction Gżira, Tas-Sleima, St Julian’s, Paceville and Pembroke P&R at 23:30hrs, 23:45hrs, 00:15hrs, 00:25hrs, 00:30hrs, 00:35hrs, 00:45hrs, 00:50hrs, 00:55hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:05hrs, 01:15hrs, 01:25hrs, 01:40hrs
  • N13: Departures from Valletta Bays A12-13 (normal weekly scheduled service) toward Msida, Gżira, Tas-Sliema, St Julian’s and Paceville at 23:10hrs, 23:20hrs, 23:30hrs, 23:40hrs, 23:50hrs, 00:00hrs, 00:10hrs, 00:30hrs, 00:50hrs, 01:10hrs, 01:30hrs, 01:50hrs, 02:10hrs
  • S212: Departures from Valletta Bays A14 direction Msida, Tas-Sliema, Spinola, St Julian’s, Paceville, Qawra and Buġibba at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:40hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:30hrs, 01:50hrs
  • S212 departures from Bugibba Terminus direction Qawram Pembroke, Paceville, St Julian’s, Tas-Sliema, Msida and Valletta at 23:30hrs, 00:20hrs, 00:40hrs, 01:00hrs, 01:30hrs, 01:50hrs

All personalised Tallinja Card holders can travel free of charge, while cash tickets at €3 per passenger will be available for purchase from the bus ticket machine for any passengers who do not have a valid Tallinja Card.

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