Malta Public Transport

April 2023 registers record with over 208K passengers travelling in one day


Friday 21st April 2023 was an absolute record with over 208,000 bus passengers travelling in one day, which is an increase of 4,500 passengers when compared to the previous record registered on Friday 4th October 2019.

5.4 million passengers travelled by bus during April 2023, which is on the same level as the previous month. When compared to April 2022 and 2019, this translates to an increase of 41.4% and 13.0% respectively.

During April 2023 over 4.2 million passengers used their Tallinja Card to travel which represents an increase of 31.7% compared to 2019, with around 6,000 new Tallinja Card registrations.

“During April, we carried the highest number of bus passengers in one day, since the beginning of our operation,” said Konrad Pulé, the General Manager of Malta Public Transport. “While this record number of bus passengers is a positive sign, we believe that we can attract even more passengers by implementing measures that will make public transport journey times shorter and more attractive. We look forward to continued discussions with the various stakeholders in this regard.”

To cater for the growing passenger demand, following discussions with the Authorities, plans are underway to increase the frequency on a number of the busiest routes in the coming weeks.

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