Malta Public Transport

Free Tallinja Wi-fi

Malta Public Transport is offering Free Tallinja Wi-Fi to all its passengers.

This project is supported by Transport Malta, the Government Authority for Transport in Malta. Wi-Fi is available on all our fleet which is made up of more than 420 buses. This project helps us understand better the demand for the Wi-Fi service and to offer our customers a service that better meets their needs.

With the introduction of Free Tallinja Wi-Fi, we aim to continue improving the experience of customers when using our buses. The number of people who use the bus service is constantly increasing and we want to offer them the opportunity to always be connected whilst travelling by bus.

All customers who are equipped with a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other similarly connected devices may make use of the Free Tallinja Wi-Fi service to check their emails, keep in touch with their social networks and browse the web. The Free Tallinja Wi-Fi service is based on a traditional 4G mobile connection. Therefore, the Free Tallinja Wi-Fi is also susceptible to the same interruptions which may be experienced when using a 4G mobile connection, such as, for example, a possible loss of connection whilst driving through a long tunnel. A number of internet services have been restricted. This is to allow all the users of the Free Tallinja Wi-Fi service to enjoy a stable internet connection. Such internet services include streaming of videos on YouTube, torrent downloads and other peer-to-peer services. Offensive content, including adult content, has also been restricted.

In order to make use of the Free Tallinja Wi-Fi service, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of the service by clicking on the tick box on the splash page which automatically pops up on the screen of your device as soon as you connect. You must then click on the Submit button.

We would appreciate it if you would send us your feedback on the Free Tallinja Wi-Fi service. Just send us an email at with your thoughts.