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Fort Rinella

The invisible threat at Fort Rinella

The world’s biggest cannon is trained on Valletta, right at the mouth of the Grand Harbour in Fort Rinella. The Armstrong 100-ton gun is only one of two surviving cannons of its kind – the other specimen is in Gibraltar – and was mounted in 1884 when Malta was a British colony.

The gun was effectively insurance against the Italian battleships Duilio and Dandolo, the most formidable warships of their time. The heavy-hitter is so massive that it took a hundred men to bring it up to the fort and finally position it in place.

Fort Rinella itself was built specifically to house the cannon. Completed in 1886, the structure is, in theory, a battery but it is more commonly known as a fort. Its low profile was meant to protect it from sea attacks, however, overgrown grass and moss also helped to disguise it from aerial view when Axis aircraft raided Malta in WWII.

The 100-ton gun and Fort Rinella have been restored to their former glory by Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna and the site is now open to the public, Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 17:00. For more information and updates visit

Getting there

Catch route 3 from Valletta to Kalkara and get off at bus stop Fortizza. The route operates every 30 minutes between 5:45 and 22:45.

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