Malta Public Transport

Covid - 19


As part of its commitment to promote a healthy and safe public transport service, Malta Public Transport has implemented several precautionary measures, following consultation and agreement with the authorities, in view of the COVID-19 situation in Malta.

Public transport is an essential service in our community. Bus drivers, mechanics, electricians, inspectors, and many others are working very hard to ensure that people can travel safely around Malta and Gozo. Therefore, everyone’s cooperation is required, and people are kindly requested not to travel if they are feeling sick, and to follow quarantine procedures as indicated by the authorities.

The measures implemented by Malta Public Transport in accordance with its contingency plan are as follows:

1. With immediate effect, standing passengers on board buses will not be allowed.

2. Buses are cleaned every night. The cleaning of buses has been intensified using chemicals instead of regular detergents. Furthermore, the company has implemented an additional cleaning schedule of the buses during the day, especially in the driver cabin area.

3. The company has provided personal hand sanitizer bottles to all employees that have direct contact with the public, including bus drivers, and has installed wall-mounted hand sanitizers in all its facilities.

4. Bus drivers have been instructed to open all windows inside the buses, and to switch off air-conditioning systems, as requested by the authorities.

5. As of Thursday 12 March, the company adopted a “No Change” policy to limit the amount of cash that is exchanged between passengers and drivers. Therefore, passengers are required to provide exact change when buying their tickets.

6. The company has taken all the necessary precautions that have been announced by the Government. This includes travel and quarantine restrictions.

Malta Public Transport maintains that the health and safety of its employees and its passengers is a top priority. The company will continue to issue updates with measures that are being implemented, according to the different levels set in the critical plan that has been coordinated with the authorities.