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Making the most of Buskett

Seen from the sky, the Buskett woodlands area is a blotch of lush green on an island of sparse natural terrain. Indeed, the site is a designated Important Bird Area and attracts scores of feathery species during their journeys between the continents.

Birds such as the Marsh Harrier, the Common Cuckoo, the Bee-eater, and even the occasional Red-Footed Falcon, flock to the area every Autumn and Spring when Buskett comes alive.

Planted by the Knights’ Order as a hunting reserve, the woodland slopes down the Luq Valley between Dingli and Siġġiewi. The magnificent Verdala Palace rising above the treetops was in fact originally built as a hunting lodge for the Grand Master. Today it serves as the official summer residence of the President of the Republic.

Buskett is much more than a picnic ground, and the mature trees open up secret paths ideal for trekking and exploration. The surrounding areas reveal a region steeped in history, uncovering mysterious sites such as the Clapham Junction cart ruts, Għar il-Kbir, and the rock-cut tombs from the Punic era.

Getting there

Get off at either Lawrenti or Verdala and follow the paths down to the woodlands. Both bus stops are served by routes 56 and 181.

Route 56 leaves Valletta towards Dingli every hour between 09:15 and 18:15

Route 181 leaves Mater Dei towards Dingli every hour between 06:10 and 20:10