Malta Public Transport

Auto Top-Up

Auto Top-Up

Malta Public Transport is offering customers an Auto Top-Up facility on their tallinja cards. This is a convenient way to top up, especially for frequent users of public transport. Through the auto-top up, customers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their tallinja card will be topped up automatically and that they will never run out of credit when they need to travel.

In order to use the Auto Top-Up facility, customers need to have an online account. Registering for an online account is a very simple process and gives customers further benefits, such as viewing their transaction and travel history. This can be done by clicking here.

Once a customer logs on to their online account, they may set up the Auto Top-Up by entering the debit or credit card details to be used for the Auto Top-Up. After successfully saving the details, this credit/debit card will be the default card displayed in the customer’s profile.

Automatic top-ups can be based on two criteria: either when a pre-determined balance is reached; or else on a specific day of the month. Customers may choose which criteria suits them best and may only have one Top Up method activated at any one time. The minimum Auto Top-Up amount is €5, and Auto Top-Up can be canceled and booked at any time.

Once a customer sets up an Auto Top-Up, an email is sent to advise the customer that the Top-Up has been either successful or not successful.

Emergency Credit

Customers are kindly reminded to top up their tallinja card regularly so that they will not be caught without credit when they need to travel by bus.

As of 1 March 2017, all tallinja cardholders will be entitled to 1 emergency trip on Malta Public Transport buses. This means that if customers do not have enough credit on their card, they will be allowed to travel once in credit.

If customers make use of the emergency trip, once they top up their tallinja card the fare for this trip will be deducted accordingly. Customers are informed that once the emergency credit is used, customers need to top up their tallinja card within seven calendar days, otherwise their card will be blacklisted.