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Adult Tallinja Card

Adult card
Adult card

The Adult card is available to anybody aged between 17 and 59 both included.

The Adult card is green and will be personalised with your photo and name and can be topped up with credit easily.

Up to 30 September 2022

When using your tallinja card you will benefit from cheaper fares than when you pay on the bus. Every time you board the bus simply touch the reader on the bus with your tallinja card. A fare for every journey of 75c will be deducted automatically from your credit up to a maximum limit of €26 every month (Night Services excluded).

This means that once the total spend on all your journeys reaches €26 in any month, you will not pay for any more journeys for the rest of the month. It's that easy. The more you travel, the more you save!

With effect from 1 October 2022

Holders of a Tallinja Adult Card will travel for free on Day Routes, Night Routes and Special Services. Tallinja Direct (TD) Routes are not free and a fare will apply. 

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