Malta Public Transport



ROUTE 305:

Date: Sunday 20th May 2018
Time: From 17:30hrs to 19:30hrs
Road Closure: Sannat Square / Triq Ta Cenc

Diversion: Route buses coming from VICTORIA will have to divert
when reaching the SANNAT SCHOOL by turning right onto TRIQ
MARZIENA towards MUNXAR and then turn left to MUNXAR SQUARE
to serve the bus stop in there. Turn around at MUNXAR SQUARE to
continue the journey towards VICTORIA.

Bus Stops being affected:

1899 Parocca

1900 Sannat

1901 Bezuza

1902 Cenc

1903 Luqa

3788 Ta Skerla

1904 Saguna

1905 Gerxija

1906 Randu

1907 Zghawru

1908 Spir

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