Malta Public Transport



ROUTES 71, 72, & 218

Date: Thursday 30th June 2022 till Monday 4th July 2022
Time: All Day.
Road Closure: Luqa Square (Feast)

Diversion towards Luqa: Route buses coming from MARSA going towards LUQA will have to divert from TRIQ L-INGIERET onto TRIQ HAL-QORMI straight without serving LUQA Centre.

Bus Stops not being served are:

2495/1681 Grixti

2496/1680 Qtates

2497/1679 Rixtellu

2500 Dokkiena

2498 Gakmu

2501 Zahra

2502/323 Luqa

6170 Andrija

2503/322 Caraffa

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