Malta Public Transport

Press Release: Bus passengers continue to increase by 10% in first three months


Malta Public Transport announces that 11.4 million passengers were carried on its buses in the first quarter of 2018, representing a 10% increase when compared to the same period in 2017. This increase is represented in all segments, with an increase of 6% in personalised Tallinja card holders who travelled by bus at least once during the last three months.

The situation on the road continues to pose significant challenges for the bus service, particularly for drivers who are struggling to drive according to their schedule. Based on tracking data gathered from all the buses, journey times have increased by 6% this year when compared to the first quarter of last year. This translates to an additional requirement of 15 buses, meaning that the company’s investment in new buses is being consumed by traffic. This increase in journey time also means that the bus operator needs even more drivers to operate the service.

The number of planned diversions between January and March this year amounted to over 600, which is double the amount of last year. In addition, there are also too many instances when a bus needs to be diverted or slowed down due to construction machinery, or illegally parked vehicles that block the roads. This is affecting the company’s ability to sustain a higher level of service reliability and it is making it increasingly stressful for drivers and passengers to get to their destination on time.

Notwithstanding these difficult circumstances, the company has managed to attain positive results as reliability has exceeded 98% in March for the first time since May 2017, when it stood at 99%. The company thanks all its employees for their effort and determination to provide its passengers with a reliable public transport service.

Malta Public Transport is gearing up for summer, as it continues to recruit and train new drivers. However, the company appeals for support from all stakeholders to give buses space so that our country can enjoy a safe and reliable public transport service.

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