Malta Public Transport

New bus routes offering connections from the Fast Ferry service between Malta and Gozo


Two new bus routes have been launched, offering fast ferry passengers departing from Gozo a seamless travel experience upon their arrival in Valletta. Route 300 departs from the new Lascaris bus stop 10 minutes after the ferry arrives and links to bus stops close to Junior College, the University of Malta, and Mater Dei Hospital. Route X133 is a new route that will offer fast ferry passengers a free shuttle service to and from the Valletta bus terminal.

The new routes come into effect on June 1, 2021, and the journey schedules are designed to coincide with fast ferry departure and arrival times.

Standard public transport fares will apply, with the usual discounted rates for Tallinja Card holders. 

Route X300 from ÄŠirkewwa to Valletta via Mater Dei will be discontinued with immediate effect, due to the introduction of the fast ferry service.

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