Malta Public Transport

MPT awards driver excellence


44 drivers were awarded the Advanced Driver’s Certificate by Malta Public Transport after successfully completing a specially-designed programme in service excellence. The Advanced Drivers Programme recognises best practice in all facets comprising the provision of service.

“This is a proud day for Malta Public Transport as we honour the excellent service provided by our drivers, who are at the forefront of our success,” said General Manager Konrad Pule. “The Advanced Drivers Programme shows the high bar that the company sets for itself, but we are overjoyed to see many drivers live up to these expectations.”

Malta Public Transport establishes high quality standards for bus drivers to ensure that passengers can rely on an efficient and safe public transport service. Recipients of the certificate satisfy the criteria for good service, safe driving, and dutiful performance in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Launched in 2016, the Advanced Driver’s Certificate is another initiative by Malta Public Transport to upgrade the quality of transportation in Malta. Thus far, 93 drivers from different depots have been awarded the certificate.

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