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Malta Public Transport strongly refutes allegations on “cheap labour” – bus drivers earned average of €20,000 in 2017


With reference to recent comments made in the media pertaining to the employment of foreign bus drivers, Malta Public Transport categorically denies any allegations of “cheap labour”. The company has always employed drivers from other countries simply because there aren’t sufficient drivers in Malta to cover all the transportation needs of the country.

The remuneration of Malta Public Transport employees is governed by a collective agreement signed in 2016 between the Company and the UHM-Voice of the Workers, which represents all employees. Through the collective agreement, bus drivers are already benefitting from an increase in their salary of more than 20% over a 5-year period starting in 2016.

Bus drivers are not offered “cheap labour” conditions. The 1,000 professional bus drivers that are employed with the company are paid depending on the experience they have with their bus driving licence. Bus drivers’ remuneration is also dependent on their choice of shift, with bus drivers working a 48-hour week earning more than those on a 40-hour week. In 2017, the majority of bus drivers earned between €15,000 and €25,000, as shown in the table below. All bus drivers also enjoy additional benefits including free health insurance and free unlimited travel on all buses for them and their direct family.

These conditions are offered to all employees irrespective of their country of origin, whether male or female, young or not so young. Such remuneration packages are far from so-called “cheap labour”.

Therefore, any allegations of “cheap labour” are nothing more than fabrications and lies aimed at creating dissent amongst the employees and of firing a sentiment of racism between colleagues.

The company maintains that it is an equal-opportunities employer and welcomes all people that share its values to become part of its team, as long as they meet its stringent safety and job requirements. Malta Public Transport employs over 1,300 people from 38 different countries around the world. The company treats all its employs equally, giving them equal remuneration for equal work. The company does not discriminate in any way with its employees be it on the basis of creed, colour, race, nationality, age or gender.

Malta Public Transport strongly regrets that such false statements were made by people that should be occupying positions with responsibility, and who therefore should have at least asked the company before making such serious allegations that are completely incompatible with the philosophy and values of Malta Public Transport.

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