Malta Public Transport

3.5 million connections with Free Tallinja WiFi in one month


More than 130,000 unique users have connected to the Free Tallinja WiFi on board buses in December. Malta Public Transport rolled out the service last year in conjunction with Transport Malta and, after a successful trial period, all buses in the network are providing free internet to passengers.

In December alone, over 3,500,000 connections were made using a total 15.50 terabytes of data. Unsurprisingly, the most used app was Facebook – accounting for a 70 percent share of the data transferred.

Malta Public Transport Commercial Director Daniel Grech explained that this was the first full month that the Free Tallinja WiFi was available on the entire bus fleet: “The results are promising, and we expect more passengers to avail themselves of the free service in the coming months. This is part of our strategy to keep improving the experience we offer our passengers.”

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